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Our school offers some great programs to help foster your child's education as well as social skills. We strive to incorporate programs that will assist your child's positive growth, both now and for their future.

Special Education Preschool

Tiffany School has a Special Education Preschool (Special Day Class/SDC) on campus, for children aged 3 - 4, who have been evaluated as having special needs. Placement in the class is determined by the Pupil Services Department at the School District Office.

Parents, community members, and others can refer children for possible Special Education services if the child is suspected of having a learning disability or any handicapping condition. Special Education programs are available for children with identified learning disabilities, which include language disorders. Other disabilities are emotional disorders, orthopedic, visual or hearing impairments, mental retardation, autism, and multi-handicaps. Referral for identification of a child who has a special need may come from parents, guardians, school staff, or community agencies.

If eligible for a District program, an Individualized Education Program (IEP) is developed to meet the child's educational needs and will be reviewed annually. Detailed information is available from Pupil Instructional Services at the Education Service and Support Center, (619) 425-9600, ext. 1700

or on the District website:

Academic Opportunities - GATE

GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) - The District is committed to enhancing the intellectual development of our students by providing opportunities for increased student learning. In addition to extension opportunities within the general education classroom, GATE students participate in dedicated extra curricular lessons and activities on an almost weekly basis. Click here to learn more about our District's GATE structure.

After School Programs

Dynamic After School Hours (DASH) - The City of Chula Vista along with South Bay Family YMCA conduct the DASH (Dynamic After School Hours) Program here at our school. This free program provides structured after school activities, including sports clinics, arts and crafts, cooperative games, weekly challenges, and traditional playground games for 1st - 6th grade students. For more information and current availability, please contact the YMCA direct 619 421 9622.

Please remember:

  • DASH is not a daycare and children may sign themselves in and out
  • Registration for DASH must be submitted by parents, students will randomly be selected on a lottery type basis.
  • Students must be picked up promptly after DASH is over for the day

DASH Hours at our school:

Monday - Thursday 2:50 - 4:50 pm (2 hours) Friday 1:25 - 4:20 pm (3 hours)

YMCA Childcare - There is also an on-site YMCA Childcare Program here at our school. This is a fee based service, open to grades K-6. For more information and availability, please contact the YMCA direct 619 421 9622. For current rates, check the YMCA website:

YMCA Hours at our school:

Monday - Thursday

6:00am - 8:45am

2:50pm - 6:30pm

Friday 1:25pm - 6:30pm

Breakfast & Lunch Program

There is a cafeteria on campus, open to all students for breakfast from 8:15am to 8:40am and for lunch.

School Breakfast and Lunch will be provided at no charge to all students again during the 2022/23 school year. 

If you receive food stamps, California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids (CalWorks), or benefits from the Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations (FDPIR), your child may receive free meals at school. Parents are encouraged to apply each year for the free lunch program, even if you are unsure if you qualify. An application is available on the District website: or in the School Office and needs renewed annually.

If you are not eligible for the program, your child may purchase breakfast ($1) or lunch ($2:50). Payments can be made in cash by the student at the Cafeteria, or by cash/check payable to "CVESD – Child Nutrition Services" in the payment drop box on the counter in the School Office, or online via the District website.

Students are also welcome to bring their own lunch & snack for recess. Parents are encouraged to consider the nutrition quality and portion size of the items. Soda, large bags of chips and candy are highly discouraged.

Language Program

The Chula Vista Elementary School District is committed to providing world-class education opportunities to all students by supporting the linguistic and educational needs

of who are in the process of acquiring the academic English they need to fully and successfully participate in a global society.


A Home Language Survey is completed by parents upon enrollment in a California public school and is used to determine if there is a language other than English spoken

in the home. If the survey indicates that a language other than English is spoken in the home, the student is tested for English proficiency utilizing the Initial English Language

Proficiency Assessments for California (ELPAC). Students who do not score Initial Fluent English Proficient on the Initial ELPAC are identified as English Learner and qualify

for EL services. Accurate completion of the Home Language Survey is critical in ensuring services and support for English Language Learners to acquire English language

proficiency and academic achievement.

All classroom instruction is provided in English. Support for English Learners include:

  • English Learner (EL) Identification and Placement Language Proficiency Assessment and Progress Monitoring
  • Teacher Training in Support of English Learners
  • Language Acquisition Instructional Programs
  • Integrated and Designated English Language Development
  • Parent Involvement and Leadership Development
  • Instructional support for language, literacy, and academic content for English Learners
  • Translation and interpretation services for Korean, Tagalog, Japanese and Arabic are available for parent and student support by calling (619) 425-9600, ext. 1526.
More information is available on the District website:


Sports and PE

The state mandates 200 minutes over a 10-day period for elementary school physical education using California Physical Education Content Standards and Common Core State Standards.

The school has a running track program every day before school, from 8:15-8:45am. Parents, students, siblings and other family members are welcome to walk, jog or run the track. Mileage is recorded and students are awarded prizes for mileage run.

For grades 4-6, there is the opportunity to try out for the school soccer, basketball and kickball teams. Games are played at Tiffany and at other District schools after school. Information will be sent home.

A number of after school sports programs are held at Tiffany, run by outside organizations and have included soccer, basketball, tennis, cheer and flag football.

Each school year the district is required to post the enrollment by gender within each school and the number of students participating in athletics. If you would like to discuss the athletic opportunities offered at the school site, please contact the principal.

2021 - 2022  School Year Female Male Total
School Enrollment 216 259 475
Boys Basketball  TBD TBD TBD
Kickball TBD TBD TBD
Coed Soccer  TBD TBD TBD