Sports & PE

Our school adheres to state requirements, ensuring that elementary students receive 200 minutes of physical education over ten days, aligning with the California Physical Education Content and Common Core State Standards. As part of our commitment to physical activity, we host a daily running track program before school, running from 8:15 to 8:45 a.m. This program welcomes parents, students, siblings, and other family members to walk, jog, or run the track. Participants track their mileage, with prizes awarded to students based on their running achievements.

Additionally, for students in grades 4-6, there are opportunities to try out for various school sports teams, including soccer, basketball, and kickball. Games take place at Tiffany and other district schools after regular school hours. Information regarding tryouts and schedules will be sent home with students. Furthermore, Tiffany offers a range of after-school sports programs such as soccer, basketball, tennis, cheerleading, and flag football. For further details, contact us at (619) 421-6300.